I build websites from 2001 using PHP. From 2004 I work as a freelancer with focus on modern technologies, currently on HTML5 a CSS3. Most of my work is done with Content Management Systems, including Drupal, WordPress and GetSimple. I prefer open source technologies.


I'm Drupal specialist and Acquia Certified Developer. In my point of view, Drupal is great CMS with a lot of functionality you can use to build a relatively small website which can grow together with your business. Many modules, very good API, lot of quality documentation, this makes Drupal to be my favourite CMS.

I build complete websites. Starting the wireframe and analysis, continuing with graphic design (being rather developer myself I work together with a few designers), building the base Drupal structure, preparing Drupal themes, coding the design and frontend part and developing custom modules for your Drupal site if needed.

I'm also author of several books in Czech about Drupal 5, Drupal 6, Drupal 7 and with tips and tricks for Drupal. Currently, my new book about Drupal 8 is on the way.


WordPress is widely used content management system and many of my clients asks for the websites built using WordPress. Similar to Drupal, I also build complete websites using WordPress. I also use commercial modules for WordPress like Toolset Views. But for bigger websites I prefer Drupal.

Get Simple

Sometimes you need a very simple website with just a few pages. For this case I recommend GetSimple. Nice content management system which stores the data to XML files and doesn't require database.

Web applications built on Symfony

For your special needs I can offer Symfony framework based applications. Especially when you need custom database scheme. I built customer applications, intranet and other types of web applications using Symfony.


In some cases there can be a need for a website which can be driven by a few data files and doesn't require the administration part – backend. In this cases I use PHP microframework Silex with some Symfony components which loads data edited on FTP and stored in YAML files.

Do you want to know more? Check my bio and my references.