UpdateStar - automatic information about software updates

UpdateStar is a software that enables a user to stay updated with all the existing softwares installed in a computer or a laptop. Be it Freeware or shareware and other commercial software products, UpdateStar covers a wide range of software applications installed in the system. With its numerous features, UpdateStar also offers added enhancements which include freeware recommendations, security alerts, and lucrative software deals. 

Best of freeware 2007

Year 2007 was very rich in interesting freeware applications. I will provide you my selection of free applications which I have find this year. It is not complete selection, of course.  However I think that there are all important apps. Remember to its author. If you find a PayPal donate button on their pages and you like their applications, help with small amount of money. Donation using PayPal is very easy.

Tips and tricks for MS Office 2007

Do you use set of office applications MS Office 2007? Thanks to its redesigned user interface and ribbon it is much more user friendly than before. For older MS Office versions users it can be a little frustrated, but it is only a question of time to take full control over the new interface of MS Office 2007. New gadget for Vista Sidebar can help you with set of daily tips and tricks for MS Office 2007 and Windows Vista. 

Create your own signature for free

Would you like to have a good looking signature generated as an image and for free? I have found a interesting website (via Digital Point forum), where you can create your signatures. Just type your name or the words for signature and continue with signature creation wizard. You can also use your scanned image, but this is a paid service. Normal signature creation is for free. How to do that?

How to convert Google Gadgets for the Windows Vista Sidebar?

A long time before of Windows Vista release there was Google and its gadgets.  You can simply place these gadgets on your web page using a generated code. Microsoft came with new operating system and clever heads began think how one could place existing Google gadgets in the Windows Vista sidebar. Result of this is application Amnesty Generator which can convert Google gadgets for new Vista.

NOD32 3.0 – a new antivirus Ferrari

Towards the end of October 2007, ESET company came up with a new protection system. The new version of the popular antivirus software, NOD32, is an alternative to Eset Smart Security, a complete antivirus system including antivirus, antispyware, firewall and antispam. As was rightly mentioned by the company members during the Invex fair held in Brno, not everyone is willing to trust a new product and using NOD32 is like driving a Ferrari. 

Most frequent computer activity – waiting

Though computers are becoming faster and the older machines become obsolete in a very short time, computers still lack a feature, which would make them a lot more comfortable to use – it is the nuisance having to wait for many applications to finish their job. Do you think that your high-end computer – which may have cost you several thousand dollars cannot be faster? Try to think about the time you spend waiting for something while working on the computer…

PNG transparency in IE and Drupal

Website creators often fight with older versions of Internet Explorer. This browser before version 7 doesn’t support transparent PNG images. Using PNG pictures with the transparency has certain foundation. GIF that the Internet Explorer 6 support without problems works with maximum of 256 colours and transparency in this format is impossible confront with alpha channel transparency in PNG images. Fortunately it is possible Internet Explorer 6 and 5.5 relatively easily make to respect the entire advantage of PNG format included its transparency.