How to rename All Website Data in Google Analytics

From a certain time there is an All Website Data string in Google Analytics instead of the name of your website. This can result is some problems when you are connecting third party services to display your Google Analytics data. If you have more website, you simply do not know which All Website Data item belongs to which website.

The problem with All Website Data identifier is not the problem inside the Google Analytics itself. There is still your website name as a the service folder name. The All Website Data is something like a view on your traffic data. So I think the only problem occurs when the third party service or application doesn't work with service names and use only the view names.

I was surprised that many people do not know how to rename the All Website Data string. So I hope this short post will help you:

  1. Log in to your Google Analytics account
  2. Click the Admin link in the orange bar
  3. Select your account in the first column
  4. Select the property (which is the website) in the second column
  5. You should see the All Website Data in the third column
  6. Click the View Settings link
  7. Rename the View name from All Website Data to something more intuitive

And thats all. Google Analytics says something about a few hours to changes take the effect but what I have seen the changes were saved immediately and accessible in third party apps and services.